The Current Market Value Of Steam Gift Cards In Nigeria


Steam is a video game digital distribution service or platform developed by Valve.

Steam was developed to cater to the needs of all gamers. At one point in time, video game consoles were predominant; gamers were more familiar with or used to game consoles. In order to have access to a game, one needed to get a console and probably the game, which then came on a disc or in some form of cartridge. If you’ve been a gamer for a reasonable period of time, you must be familiar with all of these. Sega, Game Boy, etc. all had consoles you needed to get as they were popular options; then came Play station, Xbox, and so on.

Steam came up with the idea to make games available and accessible to everyone by introducing an online PC game; this was a new innovation that was embraced and appreciated by everyone. Steam partnered with major game developers to promote the platform. Major developers bought in to the Steam idea, and today Steam accounts for more than 70 percent of PC games on the market today.

Steam came with lots of benefits. It created a friendly and social platform for all gamers. With Steam, it is difficult to make pirated games, as the platform has mechanisms in place to handle that. This alone is one of the reasons major developers bought into the idea behind Steam. Today, you can find Most major developers are now available on Steam.

What Is a Steam Gift Card?

Steam Gift Cards are a card preloaded with funds that you can use to buy anything from the Steam Store. If you have a loved one who is an avid gamer, getting them a Steam card might just be one of the best things you could do for them. 


  • A Steam Gift Card is a gift card that, when redeemed, can be used to buy any product available on the Steam platform.
  • Rates are not fixed, as both physical and electronic code share different rates.
  • Cardyork gives you the best rate for your steam card.

Where To Get A Steam Gift Card

The Steam Gift Card is widely used and known by gamers around the world.

Steam gift cards can be found at most of the well-known gift card stores.

Steam is a highly sought-after gift card, and Steam has partnered with several retail stores to make their gift card accessible to all game lovers.

According to the publication on the Steam site, you can get your Steam Gift Card from any of these retail stores recognized by Steam.


Dollar general 



Best buy 

Game stop



Type of Steam Gift Card

A Steam gift card, just like every other card, comes in two forms.

Physical and e-digital, also known as e-code, here in Nigeria

1. Physical gift card 

Physical cards are the ones you can get anywhere from the stores, and you could use them to shop for games, etc. at the Steam website.

2. E-code 

Ecodes, however, are the digital codes that are sent to your email at the point of purchase; you can still get a steam e-gift card from the steam platform.

How Much Is A Steam Gift Card In Nigeria – 2023

However, if you have an unwanted Steam Giftcard that you don’t intend to use or need to sell, you may need some quick cash for some more pressing needs. You might wonder how much you get for your Steam Giftcard after you resell it. It’s all well and good to want to know the rate at which you could sell your used card.

However, I would like to inform you and you should know that the gift card rate is not stable. What that means is that the amount for which you could sell your steam gift card is not fixed as they constantly change. 

There are factors that determine the steam gift card rate.

1. Format of card 

2. Currency 

.Format of card: The form of a gift card could have an effect on the rate of the card. The price of an e-code isn’t the same as that of a physical card, as they have different market rates.

In Nigeria, a physical gift card has a better resale value when compared to a digital gift card.

Steam is a viable and highly sought-after card; if you intend to resell your gift card, it is often best to get a physical Steam gift card.

Currency :

Another factor that affects the gift card rate is the currency of the card; each currency has its own rate. Steam Europe, the USA, Australia, and Canada do have different rates.

Different Rate of Steam Gift card In Nigeria Today 

Steam USA.     ———- 570/$

Steam euro. ———– 600/$

Steam Canada    ———410/$

Steam UK     ————— 690/$

Steam CHF ————– 620 $

Steam Aud   —————  390/$

Do note that the above rate is valid as of the time this post was made. And there could be a slight change at the time you’re seeing this article. Giftcard rates could either slightly move up or down. Do note that card rates are not static. To know the current Steam gift card rate, kindly log into your Cardyork account.

The Best Platform To Trade Your Steam Gift Card 


Have a Steam Gift Card you wish to trade and you’re searching for a legit vendor to trade your Gift Card with? Cardyork is the answer.

Cardyork is a gift card exchange platform founded in 2019. to meet the needs of gift card traders. 

Cardyork makes gift card trading fun. Trading your gift card on Cardyork is fast and easy.

To trade your Steam Gift Card, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Cardyork account with your details; if you do not have an account, click on “sign up” and quickly sign up for one.
  1. Identify the type of card you have and the denomination, for example, “Steam $100.”
  1. Upload your gift card and wait for the card to be processed and confirmed.
  1. Upon confirmation, the cash equivalent of the card would be paid to your bank account.

If you’re looking for the right place to trade your Steam Gift Card, Cardyork is the best place to go.

Why Is The Steam Gift Card In High Demand

Wide variety: The Steam Gift Card is among the most sought-after gift cards because of its wide range of uses. A steam gift card could be used to buy anything available on the steam website, like software, hardware, and games. Steam is a gift card that’s so much liked by a great percentage of people, especially those who so much enjoy playing games.

Good resale value: The Steam website sells a variety of products. If you’re not a gamer, you could get some software for your PC. Should you not intend to use your steam gift card and would like to resell it, steam has one of the best resale values and would always have a buyer, as steam gift cards are highly sought after.

Strong online presence: Steam has come to be the most popular video gaming platform; 70 to 75 percent of PC games are Steam games, and with this, Steam has a very strong online presence. Steam has revolutionized the gaming world as it makes games easily accessible to game lovers around the globe. Steam has nearly 30,000 users with about 120 million monthly active users.

Reason To Buy A Steam Gift Card 

1. Buy games from developers across the world.

Steam is a great place for games. If you’re a gamer, steam is one place to get exciting and interesting games. It’s said that 75 percent of PC games in the market are all Steam games. They are great and exciting games to download on Steam. You’ll find the popular and not-so-popular games, even your favorite games, on Steam, along with some free games you play in your spare time. Steam brings the world of games to your PC. 

You’ll get exciting games on tabs and categories such as

New Release 


Free games  

by user tag

Steam partners with lots of game developers to bring you a world of exciting games to choose from.

2. Buy software with your Steam Gift Card.

Steam does also have great software for your PC; you’ll get most of the amazing popular and not-so-popular software on Steam. Steam has amazing software in categories such as


Audio production

Design and illustration 


Game development

Photo editing


Video production

Video publishing 

And you’ll get amazing software from tabs.

Such as

New and trending 

Top sellers

Top rated 


Popular upcoming

Steam brings you lots of amazing software. Next time you need a good piece of software, get on Steam; you might just find the perfect piece of software for your needs.

3. Offer the gift card as a gift.

Sometimes you buy a Steam gift card, or you get offered one as a reward by a friend. And sometime along the line you might just not have a need for it, or it could be that you’re not a gamer or not into gaming. In a situation like this, there are several things you could do with the card, one of which is give it away as a gift to a friend or close person. 

4. Buy actual hardware.

Steam also has hardware, and you can get nice hardware from the platform.

Some of the hardware you could get on Steam includes 

Steam deck 

Steam controller 

Htc vibes

Steam brings the digital world to you. The Steam platform is one of the best technological innovations that has helped revolutionize the game industry.

Platforms supported by steam 


Mac OS




Other Gift cards You Can Sell on Cardyork

You can trade all your unwanted Steam gift cards on CardYork with ease, as well as other gift cards such as:

Google play 














Commonly Asked Questions

What is steam?

Steam is an online gaming platform founded in 2003 by Valve.

What is a Steam gift card?

Steam is a prepaid voucher that can be used to make purchases of anything saleable on the Steam online platform. Due to the high patronage and use of the Steam online platform, Steam is a highly demanded giftcard.

What is the Valve Corporation?

Valve is an American video game developer, publisher, and digital distribution company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. It is the developer of the game and software distribution platform Steam.

How much is a $100 Steam gift card in Nigeria?

The rate of a $100 steam card is presently at 57,000 naira; however, it’s imperative to note that the rate constantly changes. to know the current rate of $100 per gallon in Nigeria today. Kindly login to your account or visit

How much is a $50 Steam Gift Card in Nigeria?

The rate of a $50 steam gift card in Nigeria is presently 28,500 naira. To know the current rate, visit, as giftcard rates aren’t fixed.

How much is a $20 steam gift card in Nigeria?

The Steam Gift Card $ 20 rate in Nigeria is currently 11,400 Naira. If you want to know the current rate of your steam gift card, kindly login to your account or visit to find out the current rate of your steam gift card.

Can I trade a Steam Gift Card in Nigeria?

Yes, you can trade your Steam Gift Card in Nigeria. There are several vendors who buy steam gift cards, but you have to be careful as there are many scammers trying to rip you off of your steam gift card. That’s why it’s recommended to trade your gift card with a legit vendor like Cardyork. Trading your gift card on Cardyork is safe and easy. You get paid for your gift card within 10 minutes.

The Best Place to Trade Steam In Nigeria

The best place to trade your gift card in Nigeria is Cardyork. You need a legit vendor to trade all your gift cards; Cardyork is the answer you need. Sell your gift card on CardYork at an amazing rate.

Does a Steam gift card expire?

No, a steam gift card doesn’t expire; you can use your gift card anytime you so wish. One of the reasons it is highly sought after is that steam is one of the best gift cards out there you can get as a gift for your loved one, especially those who are so much into gaming. 

Is CardYork legit?

  Yes.  Cardyork is a reliable gift card exchange platform where you can sell your gift card with ease.

Cardyork was founded in 2019 to assist individuals who want to convert their gift cards to cash.

Cardyork is verified by different media channels. Thus, you have a reliable platform to sell all your gift cards. Need a place to trade your cards? Cardyork is the answer. 

What Gift Cards Can I sell On Cardyork

Cardyork buys several gift cards at an amazing rate. Steam, Google Play, Nike, Apple, Sephora, bike, Macy, Nordstrom, Amex, Xbox, Razer Gold, Macy, Vandila, etc. can all be traded on Cardyork

To trade your gift card, simply login to your account or sign up on Cardyork to start trading with ease.


The essence of this article is to educate you on the price of steam in Nigeria. A Steam gift card is a much sought-after gift card with good resale value. However, it’s important to note that the price of steam gift cards, just like every other gift card, is not fixed. They change depending on market conditions and demand.

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