How To Sell Macy Gift Card In Nigeria (2024 Guide)

how to sell macy gift card in nigeria

Macy’s gift card is one of the best and highly sought after gift cards out there.

Do you have a Macy’s gift card and you’re wondering where to sell it for cash in Nigeria?

If you have a Macy’s gift card, it’s quite possible to exchange it for cash here in Nigeria.

In this post would be showing you a reliable site and platform where you could exchange your Macy gift card to Naira.

Before diving into that lets look at what a Macy gift card is .

If you’re new to gift cards you might be asking :

What Is a Macy’s Gift Card 

Macy gift card is a prepaid gift card or an alternative payment used for purchasing or shopping for various items from the Macy’s store.

Macy’s gift card comes in different denominations, you can get any depending on your needs.

Where To Purchase Macy’s Gift Card 

Macy’s gift cards can be gotten from many retailers’ stores out there .

if you want to purchase a Macy gift card for your loved ones or you have a loved one who wants to gift you a Macy’s gift card below are some of the stores you can get a Macy gift card from

  • Macy’s stores 
  • Amazon 
  • Kroger
  • Best Buy 

How To Sell Macy Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria 

If you have Macy’s gift card and you don’t want to use on the stores to make purchase and would rather want to sell it for cash. You have to be careful as you could risk loosing your Macy’s gift card. Trade your Macy’s gift card for cash only a legitimate and verify platform like cardyork. is the best site that’s secured to sell and exchange your Macy’s gift card for Naira. Cardyork buys this gift card from you and pay the naira equivalent right into your nigerian bank account.

Selling your Macy gift card in Nigeria is easy with cardyork. Cardyork offers you seamless way to convert your Macy’s gift card to cash in Nigeria

To start selling your Macy’s gift card right away on cardyork

1. Visit the official website

2. Sign up and then fill in the necessary information.

3. Choose your preferred way to trade.

 It’s as easy as that.

Why Cardyork is The Best Site To Sell Macy Gift Card In Nigeria


Cardyork is a legitimate secured and verified platform where you can sell, redeem and trade your Macy gift card online for quick cash.

Cardyork supports multi-trading system, on cardyork you can trade via your web browser  or even on right from the comfort of your WhatsApp.

Other reason cardyork is the best platform to trade Macy gift card are.

Fast transaction

Good rates 

Guaranteed payment


24/7 Service 

How Much Is A Macy’s Gift Card In Nigeria 

Might interest you to know that the prices of macy gift cards are unstable, it’s always advisable or logical to inquire about the rate before trading. As at the time of this post. The prices of Macy’s gift cards are.

Denomination.        NAIRA RATE 

Macy $100.             74000

Macy $200.             148000

Macy $300.              222,000

Macy $400.              296000

However do note that by the time you see this article the prices might have changed. To know the current rate of Macy gift cards today. Kindly visit 


Have you received a Macy gift card from a loved one you don’t want to use but rather would prefer changing it for cash?. Trading of your Macy gift card can be somewhat tough especially when you do not know the right platform to use. is the best recommended site in Nigeria to sell your Macy’s gift card in Nigeria and get paid directly into your bank.

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