Frequently Asked Questions


Cardyork is an online gift Card cash out Solution that enables Gift Card holders to Cash out their iTunes, Google play, Steam, Amex and other Gift Cards.

Most people don’t realised some Gift cards could lose value as a result of Inactivity or from frequent monthly service fees. This is where cardyork comes in to help convert your Unused Gift cards to cash. You don’t have to let your Giftcard waste away.

Research and statics shows that between 8 and 10 % of giftcard remain unredeemed while 6 percent never used.

Cardyork offers a safe and convenient way for gift card holders to convert their gift cards to cash.
Simply sign up or login with your valid details and you’ll be taken to a chat with our agent where you can ask for Rate and Trade your Giftcard instantly.

You simply sign up or register an account and enter your valid details and start trading in less than 8 minutes and get paid
On Cardyork platform you can sell your iTunes/ Apple, Google play, Amazon, Nordstrom, Footlocker, Nike, Macy,Offgamer, Macy, Finishline, DICKS,ToryBurch,Saks, Bloomdale, Champs, X-box, Sephora, American Express Giftcard and many more.
Yes, we are available 24/7 to trade with you.

A giftcard is a card or token that can be exchanged for a specified cash value of product and services from the issuer.

Giftcard can either be Physical or Digital

Physical Giftcard – are the physical plastic card that’s sold at the retail stores.

Digital Giftcard – Also know as E.giftcard have no physical form. You’re assigned a unique gift code number that you can use to redeem at online retailers stores when making purchases.

Gift card are just like cash. The buyer loads a specific amount onto the card, and the recipient
can use that card to make a purchase.

Immediately a trade is completed your funds are paid right into the account provided while registering.

You’ll receive payment for your card right after the transaction is completed. Regular card takes 5 – 10 minutes to be completed, others like the supermarket or store card might take 2 hours. Thus you’ll receive payment right after a successful trade

We have various payment options you can explore.

We Pay Naira, Usdt and Btc.

For Naira payment – you can trade a gift card of any amount and request for payment in Naira
and the payment would be sent straight to your Nigerian bank account.

However to be qualified for usdt or BTC payment, the minimum Trade of Gift card is a $100,

Yes it’s very safe, you can trade your Gift Card with your eyes closed.

On your login page, you’ll see a forgot password button, click on it and email with details on how to reset the password would be sent to your mail. You can then follow the instructions to reset your password.
Do you have an unwanted or unused Giftcard ? You can sell them conviently on cardyork.

Simply sign up or log into your cardyork account with valid detail and follow the instructions to start trading.
This totally depends on what card you are trading . Normally Regular cards take 5-15 minutes and Store cards like Nordstrom , Sephora takes about 2 hours.
Some Gift Cards expire and some don’t. Check the gift card terms of use to be sure if it expires or not.
E codes gift cards are virtual Gift Cards. The card is delivered to the recipient via text or email upon purchase.

There’s no Maximum Gift card. You can trade as many gift cards as possible.

Gift Cards

Apple Gift Cards

Apple Gift Card is a prepaid Gift Card issued by Apple that could be used as a form of payment for its products and services

Apple Gift Cards don’t expire, you can use them whenever you are ready.

Apple Gift Card can be used to purchase or pay for a variety of Apple products and services such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, chargers, cases, keyboard , you can use Apple Gift Card to pay for apps from the app store or for Apple music subscription.

Yes you can sell your unused apple Gift Card on cardyork.

Steam Gift Cards

Steam Gift Card is a card that can be used to purchase products and services on the steam website.

Fortunately, your Steam gift card will never expire! You can use your voucher to fund your Steam wallet whenever you wish.

Yes. You can sell you’re unused steam Giftcard on Cardyork.

Google Play Gift Cards

Google play is a card that card be used to purchase digital content from Google play store.

Google play can be a physical card or digital card.

Google play Physical gift card are the physical card that can be purchased at retail stores or online.

Google play Digital Gift Card – These are digital Gift Cards that can be purchased and sent to someone via email.

No fee or expiration dates apply to this Gift Card, so google play Gift Card doesn’t expire, you can use it whenever you’re ready.

Do you have an Used Google play Gift Card you can convert it to cash on cardyork.

Google play Gift Card is used to purchase digital content on the Google play store ,such as games, apps, games, movies, music, Tv shows, music, books and more.

  1. Open the Google play app.
  2. Tap the profile icon, at the top right.
  3. Tap payment and subscription

Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora gift card do not expire, however you would do well to read the terms of service of your card.

Yes, Selling your Sephora on cardyork is easy. Trade all your unused Sephora on cardyork and get paid in your Nigerian Bank account.

Sephora gift card is a prepaid payment card use to purchase beauty products and services on Sephora websites or at Sephora stores.

Nordstorm Gift Cards

Nordstrom is a popular department store that offers a wide range of shoes , clothing , accessories and beauty products from various brands. Nordstrom Gift Card is prepaid payment that can be used as a form of payment at Nordstrom stores or online at

In most cases Nordstrom gift cards do not expire however do ensure to check the terms of service of the card.

Yes you can sell all your Nordstrom Giftcard on cardyork.

Macy Gift Cards

Macy Gift card is a prepaid Payment card that can be used as a form of payment at macy’s stores or online at

The card recipient can used the card at convenience as Macy’s gift card does not expire.

Sure. You can sell your unwanted and unused Macy’s Gift Card on Cardyork

Macy’s gift card is used to purchase items like clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. at Macy’s store.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card is used for Purchasing goods and services on the website.

There are amazon physical Gift Card
And Amazon Digital Gift Card

No. Amazon gift card do not expire.

You can sell all your unused and unwanted amazon gift card on Cardyork for quick cash.

American Express (Amex) Gift Card

Amex is a prepaid payment card. It’s a convenient way to make payment. Amex could be used to make online shopping or purchases where Amex is accepted.

You can visit to check your amex Gift Card card balance, enter the 15 – digit card number and the security code to see your balance

Do You have an unused amex Gift Card? you can sell it for cash on cardyork.