Common Google Play Issues And How To Address Them

Google Play Store is the largest app store in the world with over 2.5 million apps and still counting with more than 50 billion downloads, making it a massive force in the digital world to be reckoned with. Since its inception in 2012, Google Play Store has served millions of people with their favorite games, movies, apps, and whatever else you could imagine is part of the imagination. The Google Play Store is owned by Google Inc., one of the manufacturers of the famous Android operating system used by billions of people around the world. You can attest to the fact that nearly everyone who owns a cell phone has an Android phone, though the rival Apple is also doing a fantastic job. Android seems to be topping the charts, as one in every three people you come across is an Android user. This makes the Google Play Gift Card a variable and highly sought-after gift card. One that would be appropriate for nearly everyone if presented as a gift, as you are mostly likely to have an Android user around you. Maybe the next time you think about getting a gift for your loved one, a Google Play Gift Card might just be the right present for them. With a Google Play Gift Card, you have in your possession the gateway to the biggest mobile store. Google Play has a vast user base. It serves as a payment method or option where you don’t have your ATM debit card and could be a very nice possible alternative. With your Google Play Gift Card, you can pay for apps, video games, movies, subscriptions, and books. If you’re an avid reader, then a Google Play Gift Card is just the right gift for you, as the Google Play Store has countless books in all areas you could imagine. If you are a movie lover, a Google Play Gift Card gives you access to trending movies and TV programs. Google Play is a store credit card. Preloaded with funds of a certain amount, you can use them to make purchases, usually at the Play Store.

Google Play gift cards come in two different forms, usually a physical card and an e-code. 

1. Physical card, which is the actual physical plastic card bought and sold at a physical store like Walmart.

2. Ecode: is the electronic gift card code sent to your email or cell phone number.

Common Problems With Google Play Gift Cards And How To Fix Them

Have you tried to redeem your Google Play card and come up with certain issues? Maybe a friend or colleague got you a Google Play Gift Card as a present or birthday gift, but on trying to redeem it you encounter certain errors. And you’re now left confused. Not knowing what to do, I understand the feeling and how frustrating it could be. Well, the good thing is that most of these issues could be fixed. Just sit back and you might need a glass of coffee. If you’re a coffee fan, we help you identify some of the Google Play issues you might encounter and steps you could take to fix them. 

Code invalid or input wrong 

Have you ever tried to redeem a Google Play gift card and a message pops up saying “code invalid or input wrong,” and you’re left wondering what could be wrong? This could be annoying and frustrating, but don’t worry, there are ways to go about fixing this.

The first step you would take in fixing this would be to

First, try to scan your gift cards.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

2. In the top right corner, tap the profile icon.

3. Go straight ahead and tap payment and subscriptions, then redeem the code.

4. Tap scan Gift Card 

However, if you aren’t able to scan your code, you might consider entering the code manually, just to ensure the code is correct. Do not use spaces or dashes.

If this doesn’t work, there might be a possibility that your gift card may not be activated. A gift card bought at a physical store must be activated at the point of purchase.

To know if your gift card was activated, contact the store or retailer where the card was purchased. 

If the store confirms the card is activated,

You might have to contact Google’s support team to look into the problem.

The code was already redeemed.

This isn’t a nice one. Maybe you just got yourself a Google Play Gift Card, or a friend or loved one decided to get one for you, and you’re trying to redeem it. You get an error that says “code already redeemed.” This isn’t a nice one, as it means just one thing: that your Google Play card has been redeemed and can’t be redeemed again, and this could be very disappointing.

What you would do in a situation such as this is to check across all your email accounts associated with your Google Play Store. If you have several emails, Ensure to check across them and the balance to be sure you haven’t mistakenly redeemed the gift card on one of the accounts.

If you still can’t find the credit, Then there’s the tendency you might have fallen for a gift card scam.

When you want to trade your Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria, it’s recommended that you trade with a reliable vendor like Cardyork. They are reliable, trusted gift card vendors to trade your gift card in Nigeria.

How To Avoid Gift Card Scams

Here are ways you could ensure you don’t fall victim to a gift card scam:

  • Always trade your gift card with a reliable company like Cardyork.
  • Ensure to keep your Google Play Gift Card safe.

We need more information to redeem your gift card. Send us details.

 This is another issue you may have one time experienced with a Google play Gift Card, or may be a friend had complained to you, this issue occurs occasionally not always.  You got a Google Play Gift Card, and on redeeming it, you got an error message saying “We need more information.” This issue could be fixed. There is no need to really worry about it.

However, do note that if you’re currently traveling, you might consider redeeming the gift card again when you return to your home country.

If you are still unable to redeem your gift card, you might have to contact Google’s support team to help investigate the issue.

When contacting Google, do ensure to have with you 

  • Front and back images of your Google Play gift card 
  • Receipt of your Gift Card 

For Google Play digital gifts, ensure to provide Screenshot of the Google Play digital gift, which includes

  • retailer name and logo 
  •  Code
  • Date of purchase
  • Amount 

However, do note that due to the high volume of cases being reviewed, some investigations can take weeks. The Google team will reach out to you once the review has been completed.

The card was mistakenly scratched and some codes are missing.

This one is not often caused by a system error and mostly happens while trying to scratch to reveal the 16-digit code. Sometimes, in trying to scratch to reveal the code at the back of your card, some individuals unknowingly scratch out some of the digit code on the card, and this can be a problem as you can no longer redeem your gift card because of the missing code. If you are in this situation, you might be wondering what to do next, especially as you are unable to know the missing code and, as a result, cannot redeem your Google Play. This can be annoying. There’s no need to beat yourself up over it, as it wasn’t intentional and mistakes do happen. Issues like this are avoidable; you only need to be careful next time you try to scratch your gift card. If you’re in this situation already, No need to worry, as Google Support can help.

To contact your Google Support team, you’ll need to have 

the picture of the card where the serial code is visible, and you will also need to have the purchase receipt.

You’ll be required to fill out a form. 

In the field “Describe your issue:” select “My Gift Card code is damaged.”

This should help resolve your Google Play Card issues.

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