Best Platform For Selling Google Play Gift Card In Nigeria

Google play Gift Card since its inception in 2012 has grown to be a wide spread and fantastic Gift Cards, known by all, versatile, Google play is integral with Android users. Google play is a gift that can unlock all the hidden potential of your phone. Nearly over 2.5 billion people use android phones making it the most popular device in the world With active users over 185 countries. Android is no doubt the most popular and use operating system owned and controlled by Google inc. thus  making Google one of the most highly valued companies. Android is the dominant platform in most countries of the world. Only has had troubles surpassing Apple in Canada, USA and Japan. In countries like Nigeria, India,Brazil android has a larger share of the market.  

Android with it large users base across the globe, with Google play store in built in nearly all the android phones. Makes Google play the biggest app store in the world, thus making Google play Gift Card one of the best Gift Card and highly sought after Gift Card and one Gift Card you can offer to a relative’s and they would be excited, and appreciate you for it. Google play has grown enormously in the past decades. Google play Gift Card is almost a house name. In Nigeria Google play Gift Cards carry a high importance and are highly needed. Should you have a Google play Gift Card, you don’t wish to use but instead want to Sell for cash, finding a buyer wouldn’t be a problem, in this article we would be recommending a top platform you can utilize to sell all your Google play Gift Card and other Gift Cards  in Nigeria. 


  • Google Play Gift Card is a prepaid card used as a payment alternative on the Play Store.
  • Google Play can either be a physical card or an electronic gift card.
  • You can sell your unwanted Google Play Gift Card for cash on

What’s Google play Gift Card

Google play Gift Card is a prepaid card issued by Google that can be used to make purchases Gift Cards for payment for items on playstore. Google play comes in different denominations Of 25,100 and 200 

Types of Google play Gift Card 

Google play card is available in different forms, which to buy depends on the buyer.

Physical gift card

are physical plastic cards that are purchased from a physical store. If you’re sending it to a loved one as a gift, you can also have it mailed to the recipient’s address. 

E. Gift Card – are digital codes often sent to your email upon purchase.. 

Where To Get A Google Play Gift Card 

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Google play is a highly sought after gift card. There are  over a billion users of android phones, hence Google play is a highly demanded Gift Card.

There are various places you can get a Google play Gift Card. Should be able to get a Google play card at any Gift Card stores nearest to you. Google play Gift Card is a major Gift Card in high demand hence Would just be a wise idea for major stores to have a Google play Gift Card..

Google play partners with major retailers to have their customers easy access to google play Gift Cards.

You can get a Google play store with any of these retailers..

You can walk into any of these stores for your Google play Gift Card 

CVS pharmacy 

Is a Retail cooperation. A subsidiary of CVS Health. its headquarters in woonsocket, rhode island. With over 9900 locations as of 2018. Though mainly deal on pharmaceuticals products you can also get a gift card from the store 


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. With over 2.3 million employees worldwide.

You can get your Google play gift card at Walmart nearest to you


Safe way is a supermarket chain,major dealers and retailers of grocery items, food, general merchandise, also deal on Gift Cards  and features a variety of specialty departments such as bakery delicatessen, floral and pharmacy as well as Starbucks coffee shops and fuel center. 

You can walk into Safeway for your Google play Gift Card 

Dollar General 

Dollar general make it easier to shop for everyday needs by offering the most popular brands at low everyday prices in convenient locations. Dollar general engages in operation of merchandise stores, it’s offerings include food ,snacks, health and beauty aid etc..

You can get your Google play at dollar general stores.


Walgreen is your go to for pharmacy , health and wellness and photo products, walgreen operates the second largest pharmacy store chain in the United States behind CVS health. It specializes in filling prescriptions ,health and wellness products etc. They Sale Gift Card as well, so you can get your Google play Gift Card at Walgreens store


Kroger is a retail stores engages in the operation of supermarkets and multi- department stores. This is another store where you could get your Google play stores.

If any of the stores is not in your location or If you’re an online shopper you are not left out. Google has you covered, you can get a Google play card from online and have it mail to either your email or home address. You can get your Google play gift card from any of these online retailer


Amazon is an online Retailer and web service provider. The company provides products such as apparel,auto and industrial items,books, games , Giftcards, jewelry,movies,sports goods toys and other related products. You can visit Amazon website or download Amazon from playstore and shop for your Google play Gift Card right from the comfort of your home 


Another platform where you could shop for your Google Gift Card.

You can shop for your Gift Card at offgamers store by visiting their website.

PayPal digital gift

Another online platform where you could get your Gift Cards is PayPal. You can get your Google card right wherever you are by just placing an order on PayPal and have your Gift Card mail to you.


If you are not close to any of the Kroger stores, Kroger is also available online. You can visit to order all your gift Gift Card and have it delivered to you.

How to Sell your Google play Gift Card in Nigeria

You may have a Google play  Gift Card, you’re not in need of., And you’re wondering what to do with it. There are lots of things you can do with your card , you can either gift it out to someone as a gift they will very much appreciate it and thank you for it..

Or you can either sell it for cash. if you want to sell your unwanted Google play Gift Card for cash this article would guide you on how to go about it. you need to be careful when trading your Google play Gift Card for cash online, it’s always recommended to trade your Gift Card with a trusted and reliable vendor like Cardyork.

Cardyork is a trusted and reliable vendor to trade all your Gift Cards. Cardyork has gain the trust of over 80,000 customers. Need a reliable and trustworthy vendor for all your Gift Card ? cardyork is the answer.

Cardyork founded 2019, is a leading Gift Card exchange platform in Nigeria to trade all your Google play Gift Card.

Trading your Google play Gift Card isn’t difficult.. it’s super easy to trade your Google on cardyork.

To trade your Google play Gift Card, follow the step below

  • Sign-up or if you have an account already log-in with your detail.
  • Upload your Google play Gift Card 
  • Indicate the card denomination and currency e.g 100 
  • Wait for transaction to be completed, this usually take 5-10 minutes depending on the card type
  • Immediate your Google play gift card is processed and completed you’ll get the payment in your preferred bank of your choice

Why Trade Your Google play Gift Card on Cardyork

Fast transaction

 need a fast vendor, where you get transactions done in the fastest possible way?. Cardyork is the real deal when it comes to Gift Card trading, transactions are executed fast. 

Best rate 

Cardyork offers good rates for your Google play Gift Card. With cardyork you’ll always get the best possible rate. You don’t have to sell your Google play Gift Card for a penny. 

Trade your Google play Gift Card with cardyork for the best possible rate 

Safe transaction

Worry of your transaction Being safe and secure, with cardyork you don’t have to worry about anything as your transaction is safe and secure. Gift Card scam is rampant and it’s recommended you trade your gift card with reliable vendors. 

24 hours service 

Are you need of 24 hours service vendor to trade your Gift Cards at any possible time?.. Cardyork provides you with 24 hours service.. cardyork is alway available and at your service.

you can always trade your Gift Card at any time. With cardyork you’ll experience trading at all new level.

Warm and friendly service

our agents are friendly and welcoming, always willing to listen and help you out in any way possible.

Live chat

Cardyork has live chat features where you can always engage with customers support agents and this helps you in getting 

Different Reason People Trade Their Gift Card 

People trade gift cards for various reasons, would like to identify some of the reasons in this article..

in need of cash 

Some people part ways with their Google play Gift Card and other Gift Cards either due to lack of cash, Sometime you could be in need of funds to Meet certain obligation, and you have lots of cards in your possession you got as Gift, having to sell it might just be a fast way to raising funds to meet your immediate needs.

Unwanted Gift Card 

Another reason people trade their Gift Card can just be having too many unwanted Gift Cards. Sometimes you get a Gift Card as a reward, some of which you don’t even need. There are times you could get a giftcard to a restaurant or store that’s not nearby, instead of allowing the card to waste, the best option would be selling it for some cash.

Excess Gift Card 

There are people who just have too many Gift Cards, most of which may come as a gift that they just feel overwhelmed and might feel no need for it.. at this point might just think of converting some of them to cash, so as to use to meet other needs. 

How To Identify A Google play Gift Card 

You’ll find a Google play logo in front of the card

The physical is mostly rectangular in shape.

The code are usually mixtures of alphabets and numbers 

To identify a country a country of Google play Gift Card. Always check the back of the card as the country of the giftcard is usually indicated.

How Much Is A Google Play Gift Card

The rate of Google play gift is not fixed, the Constantly fluctuates, but with be rest assured to always get the best rate at any given market situation.

Frequently Asked Question About Google Play Gift Card 

What is Google play Store

Google play store is an app store developed Google for android users, where android users can purchase, download movies, favourite games, books etc.

Playstore usually come in built in most Android phones..

What is A Google play Gift Card

Google Play is a prepaid card that can be use to make purchases and payment of games,apps,books, subscriptions and movies on the playstore.

What Are The Type Of Google Gift Card 

Google play exist in two forms 

Physical card and e-code also knows online Gift Card card or card 

Does Google play Gift Card Expires

Does Google play Gift Card expires

No. Google play Gift Card doesn’t expire, you can use it as you wish and choose to.

How Do I Sell My Google Play Gift Card ?

You can sell your unwanted Google play Gift Card in Nigeria at the best rate on CardYork.

How can I Sell my Google Play Physical Card?

To sell your physical Google play Gift Card,

Sign up or if you already have an account, login to cardyork and start trading your gift card.

Or call/WhatsApp 0802 684 6656

How Do I Sell My Google Play e-Gift Card

Sell your Google play e-gift card on Cardyork fast and easily. Just sign up or log into your account and start trading.


Google play Gift Card is a valuable and highly demanded Gift Card ,Selling your Google play Gift Card is no longer an issues as you have the best platform to trade your Gift Card anytime and any moment . the essence of this article was to guide you on how to go about selling your Google play Gift Card , so you wouldn’t fall prey to rampant rising of Gift Card fraud. 

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